Baiduri Capital introduces LGI funds

Baiduri Capital organised the ‘Investments for Growth and Income’ seminar for its investors in partnership with Lion Global Investors (LGI), one of the largest asset managers in Southeast Asia.

The investment seminar was held on Thursday at the Mutiara Ballroom, Radisson Hotel in the capital.

The workshop was conducted by LGI Chief Investment Officer Teo Joo Wah and LGI Director, Head of Curated Portfolios S K Selvan. The seminar focussed on three LGI funds: Lion Global Japan Growth Fund, Lion Global Investors Disruptive Innovation Fund and the Lion Global Singapore Dividend Equity Fund. During the seminar, Teo Joo Wah spoke about the global market outlook and S K Selvan spoke about the disruptive innovators and how these innovations are changing the market.

According to General Manager of Baiduri Capital Peng Eng Soon, “The process of investing can be lengthy, expensive and complex but through our various strategic partnerships with our international counterparts and our unique position in the country, Baiduri Capital aims to equip our clients with the knowledge and skills to make the investment process easier.”

He further elaborated that these seminars are in line with Baiduri Capital’s efforts to keep investors updated on the current market trends. “With this information, we strive to help our investors make better informed decisions.”

The seminar ended with an interactive online poll conducted by LGI as well as a question and answer session.

Also present at the event were licenced senior financial planners from Baiduri Capital.

Group photo of Baiduri Capital staff and Lion Global Investors representatives. PHOTO: BAIDURI CAPITAL