Baiduri Bank offers new investment options

|    Wani Roslan    |

BAIDURI Bank launched the 2019 Baiduri Certificate of Deposit – Series 1 to provide a myriad of investment options for its customers.

Head of Wealth Management Centre Peng Eng Soon said, “The Baiduri Certificate of Deposit is one of the products offered by Baiduri Bank which has proven to be very popular with customers over the years. They are an easy, sensible way of saving money and earning above market interest rates with the big advantage of being principal and interest guaranteed.”

There are two tenure options available for the offer – one year for Series 1A and three years for Series 1B. The 2019 Baiduri Certificate of Deposit – Series 1A offers a fixed payout of 1.80 per cent per annum, Series 1B features an attractive fixed payout of two per cent per annum. On the respective maturity dates, customers will receive a fixed payout on top of their principal amount.

The 2019 Baiduri Certificate of Deposit – Series 1A & 1B offer ends on March 12 or until full subscription is reached. Customers can subscribe with a minimum of BND1,000 fresh funds.