Baidu, Huawei partner over AI, chips

BEIJING (Xinhua) – Chinese tech giants Baidu and Huawei announced a partnership yesterday to leverage their strengths to power chips with artificial intelligence (AI) technologies.

Baidu’s PaddlePaddle deep learning platform and Huawei Kirin will work together to maximise related products’ AI functions to offer users smarter and faster experiences, the two companies said at the Baidu Create 2019, an annual AI developer conference.

The cooperation on AI is built upon the two companies’ agreement for comprehensive strategic partnership in 2017.

Baidu also announced a partnership with Chinese car-maker Geely in areas such as intelligent connectivity, intelligent driving, smart home and e-commerce. Baidu has been stepping up investment in AI in recent years including smart speakers and autonomous driving.

The company said that its fleet of 300 L4 autonomous vehicles have been tested on the road in 13 cities.

The integration of AI with all kinds of sectors will drive a wave of industrial intelligence, according to Baidu CEO Robin Li.

Baidu CEO Robin Li. – XINHUA