Bad apples shed light on bad business practice

I recently purchased apples from a leading supermarket in Gadong. And much to my horror, none of them were edible.

The apples looked fresh and delicious on the surface, which prompted me to buy them in the first place. As they were wrapped in plastic, I was under the impression that they were of good quality. However, it turned out to be quite the opposite.

With the public being encouragement to eat more vegetables and fruits, it is sad to note that this supermarket is taking health-conscious individuals for a ride.

By wrapped their fruits in plastic, it prevents consumers from checking the quality of the products.

I believe the authorities should conduct random checks at supermarkets and take them to task. If the fruit is not of good quality, it should be immediately disposed instead of putting it up for sale.

I’m sure I’m not the only person who has fallen prey to careless business conducts. Perhaps others who have faced the same predicament should also share their experiences, to bring this issue to the attention of authorities.

Not So Rosy