Babysitter jailed for poisoning infants with multiple drugs

SINGAPORE (CNA) – A babysitter was given seven years’ jail yesterday for poisoning two infants who were in her care four years ago with cocktails of drugs.

Sa’adiah Jamari, 39, maintains that she did not commit the offences against the babies – then five and 11 months old – and will be appealing against the decision.

The mothers of both children, who are unrelated, had hired registered nurse Sa’adiah in late 2016. They noticed their children were drowsy and that something was amiss after picking them up.

Both children were respectively hospitalised and drugs were found in their systems, making up the two charges of administering poison that Sa’adiah contested.

The drugs include: Alprazolam, also known as Xanax, meant for anxiety; orphenadrine, a muscle relaxant; zolpidem, to aid sleep; oxazepam, for anxiety and acute alcohol withdrawal; and diazepam, a benzodiazepine used to treat anxiety disorders, alcohol withdrawal or muscle spasms.

Some of these drugs were found in Sa’adiah’s home and she had prescriptions for a couple of them. In her defence at trial, Sa’adiah denied giving them to the babies and her lawyers argued that the grandmother of the first victim could have introduced small amounts of drugs into the baby’s food.

Sa’adiah Jamari is accused of poisoning two babies. PHOTO: CNA