Ayda Field lives in happy chaos

AYDA Field and Robbie Williams live in “happy chaos”.

The couple – who have children Teddy, six, Charlie, four, and Coco, five months, together – have humour at the heart of their household and are constantly finding things to laugh at between themselves and with their kids.

Ayda said, “[Family life is] happy chaos.

“Humour is the language of love for Rob and me, it’s the language of everything in our house. My kids make me laugh all the time.”

The 39-year-old actress admitted she and the ‘Angels’ singer – who were both judges on the recent series of The X Factor – often dream of taking a year off but they get “excited” when a new work project comes along so shelve their plans to take an extended break.

Ayda told Britain’s HELLO! Magazine, “It’s always busy in the WIlliams household.

“There are lots of fun projects happening, but I don’t want to give anything away yet.

“Rob and I would be bored if we weren’t doing anything.

“We always convince ourselves we’re going to take a year off but then we get excited about new projects. And our kids love the experience.

“We’re like a happy caravan. We explore the world and go on new adventures.”

When she isn’t working, the Loose Women star likes to dress comfortably and practically so she can play with her kids without worrying about them getting ruined.

She said, “If I’m at home, I wear comfortable leisurewear or jeans and a cool shirt.

“I don’t wear make up during the day. I’m a mom so I like being practical.

“I want to be able to roll around with my kids and not worry about my clothes getting snagged.

“I’m usually cleaning up baby poop or art projects that my children have built.” – BANG!