Awareness on responsible pet ownership

I would like to respond to the news article, ‘Irresponsible pet owners contribute to surge in strays, finds survey’, published in the Weekend Bulletin on October 17, and applaud the Executive Development Programme for Middle Management Officers (EDPMMO) for its survey on pet ownership.

I am a cat owner. As a person who cannot have children, my cat is my child. So it pains me to see stray cats roaming the street in poor health condition.

I used to feed my neighbour’s cat whenever it came to my doorstep. The cat gave birth to a litter, which he took care of. But the kittens grew up, got pregnant and gave birth to more kittens. Now, there are so many cats at his house that he no longer cares about feeding or taking care of them.

As a Muslim, I thank Allah the Almighty for the rezeki that He has bestowed on me – to educate people about pet ownership. There are some people who see cats as just animals; but I see them as my own children. It’s my responsibility to make sure they are safe.

I hope to see more campaigns in educating the public on pet ownership and the responsibility that comes with it.

Animal Lover