Avril Lavigne could have been a hairdresser

AVRIL Lavigne “could have been a hairdresser” if her music career hadn’t worked out.

The Complicated hitmaker burst onto the scene with her debut single in 20002 – taken from her Let Go album – and has enjoyed a lot of success, releasing her sixth album Head Above Water last month, but it could’ve gone differently with the star loving “anything creative”.

Speaking to Grant, Ed & Ash on 2DayFM, she said, “I totally could have been a hairdresser. Anything creative… a painter or a wardrobe stylist.

“I like to cut hair, so when I’m on the road with my band and we’re backstage and we’re bored, we’ve got nothing to do – I’ve pretty much given everyone a haircut, given everyone a Mohawk.”

Asked if she was actually any good at styling people’s dos, she joked she’d had a lot of practice.

She quipped, “Oh real good, I’ve given a lot of Mohawks in my time.”

Although Avril would’ve been just fine if her career as a singer hadn’t taken off, she recently admitted it was music that has helped her cope throughout her battle with Lyme Disease.

The 34-year-old star – who has struggled with the bacterial infection spread through infected ticks – recently revealed how working on her latest album gave her the strength she needed.

She said, “Music has been more healing than ever for me. I was at a point where I wasn’t sure whether I’d be working or even doing music again, and then I started writing songs from my bedroom.

“Head Above Water and Warrior were the first two songs that I wrote, and then they just kept coming. It was cool for me to see because it showed me that music is such a big part of who I am without even thinking about it or trying to make a record.” – BANG!