Avoid envy, Imams say

Azlan Othman

The topic of yesterday’s Friday sermon was envy, a destructive emotion which leaves adverse consequences on families and communities.

“Envious people have disturbed souls. They are constantly unhappy and restless, especially when seeing those who are accomplished, happy and successful,” said Imams in delivering the sermon.

“They take pleasure in ruining other people’s happiness and witnessing their misfortunes.

“Envy can occur among family members, friends and colleagues. It causes enmity between close friends and animosity between co-workers.

“Preventing and stopping envy requires several methods and approaches. We must constantly evaluate ourselves and realise that envy can destroy us.

“We should learn to be grateful for the blessings that have been bestowed by Allah the Almighty. If we see others with benefits and advantages, we must accept that they earned those by their own efforts and through the grace of Allah the Almighty.

“We should work hard in endeavouring to seek the blessings and rewards of Allah the Almighty. We should never compare ourselves to those who are of a higher status.

“We should always pray for the protection of Allah the Almighty from envy. If we still have a sense of envy in ourselves, then we must repent and seek forgiveness from Allah the Almighty.”