Australia’s crankiest crocodile celebrates 53rd birthday with signature ‘death roll’

SYDNEY (Xinhua) – Despite being known as Australia’s crankiest crocodile, the five-metre saltwater giant Elvis had a very happy 53rd birthday yesterday, celebrating the occasion with an epic feast.

“We gave Elvis the best possible treat ever – which for crocs is a quarter of a cow!” Head of Reptiles at the Australian Reptile Park Daniel Rumsey said.

“As superior hunters, this type of food provides excellent enrichment for him,” Rumsey added.

“He thinks that he just grabbed a large prey item, dragged it in the water and drowned it then ripped off a piece.”

“Once Elvis grabbed the carcass there was no letting go!”

With visitors to the zoo looking on in awe of the half-ton beast’s power, Elvis performed the crocodile’s signature move, the death roll, to rip apart the meat before handlers scurried out of the enclosure.

Known for his temper, Elvis garnered world attention back in 2011 after he tried to eat a zookeeper’s lawnmower.

Native to Australia’s northern states, saltwater crocodiles were considered endangered and at the brink of extinction, but thanks to Australian conservation efforts and facilities like the Australian Reptile Park, population numbers have made a full recovery.