Attractive fabric discounts, promotions back

|     Hakim Hayat     |

GALLERIA YMRM organised its ‘crazy sale’ event in the spirit of the 35th National Day celebration which attracted a large number of customers to its new flagship store in Kampong Sengkurong yesterday.

The first 200 customers, who queued as early as a few hours before the sale began, had the opportunity to buy the latest design of fabrics at only 50 cents per metre and some items with a 60 per cent discount.

Long car queues and large crowds that lasted until midnight did not deter customers from coming, especially families who were looking to save and in preparation for the upcoming festivities this year.

The sale include fabrics sold from as low as BND1 per metre, in addition to mark down prices on hijab, luxury fabrics and household and fashion items. Managing Director of Galleria YMRM Hitesh Ramesh Bhawnani told the Bulletin that the crazy sale event is unique and synonymous to the Galleria YMRM brand.

Apart from encouraging Bruneians to shop locally, the managing director said the event is also part of its drive to give back to the community by allowing them to shop at unbelievable prices, thus getting more value for their monies.

Customers during the promotion. – HAKIM HAYAT