Attendees learn EQ skills in workshop

Izah Azahari

Fifteen participants from the private sectors are attending a two-day workshop titled ‘Win people over with your emotional intelligence (EQ) skills workshop’ which began at Bahtera Hall, Badi’ah Hotel yesterday.

Organised by Platinum Star Management Services, the workshop aims to help people understand the importance of EQ and the science of emotions that drive behaviour.

Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) Mark Stuart facilitated the workshop. Stuart has trained over 200 multinational corporations (MNCs), government agencies, and universities particularly in innovation, leadership and soft skills areas.

“I am excited to be in Brunei for the first time to train emotionally intelligent leadership, and sharing my experience from working with firms across Asia. This topic is applicable to anyone at any level of the organisation,” said Stuart. “In a time of business disruption and change around the world, emotionally intelligent leadership has become vital for those in leadership positions.”

During the workshop, participants learnt self-awareness, managing emotions and how they can improve internal and external customer relationships on the first day.

Today will see participants learning about modern leadership, communication excellence, building influence and the emotionally intelligent leader of today. Both days end with a team-building activity.

ABOVE & BELOW: Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) Mark Stuart delivering a presentation; and attendees of the workshop. PHOTOS: IZAH AZAHARI