Association focusses on Brunei basketball’s future

Daniel Lim

Belait District Basketball Association (BDBA) Chairman Koo Kang Loi noted that while the association currently has no major plans for basketball events in the near future, it will continue to host basketball games as soon as the opportunity arises.

The chairman said this during BDBA’s annual general meeting (AGM) at Ching Wah Restaurant, Seria on Sunday.

“The association has become the focal organisation for holding basketball games in the Belait District, and I would like to thank the committee for the dedication and commitment.

“Due to COVID-19, the BDBA stopped hosting basketball games and activities until further notice,” he said.

“At the same time, we will continue to cooperate with the Youth and Sports Department as well as other basketball associations to encourage and attract more teenagers and basketball enthusiasts to participate in games.”

He also hoped to improve the level of basketball in the Belait District and to explore potential players in the district, and cultivate their talents to compete nationally and internationally

The chairman noted that in October, the board of committees approved the transfer of several committees positions.

He also announced that former BDBA chairman Chai Tze Yun would be the association’s honorary chairman.

BDBA Chairman Koo Kang Loi addresses the meeting. PHOTO: DANIEL LIM