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Art of creation

Lyna Mohammad

The VIBE Exhibition showcased creative pieces designed by students at Kolej International Graduate Studies (KIGS), a capstone of their efforts throughout their studies at the college.

As a platform to expose and market their works, the students sought to make their mark before of potential investors and buyers.

Hajah Nur Hidayah Nasuha @ Nurul Ismah binti Haji Iskandar, was one of the students.

In her final year of Diploma in Graphic Design, her exhibition showcase ‘Flora’, was centred around products using artwork highlighting Brunei Darussalam’s national flower, Bunga Simpur.

“Although Bunga Simpur is rarely used in modern design, I hope the future generation can be inspired by my design and use Bunga Simpur in a creative way,” she said.

Her fellow student Siti Nurin Jazlina binti Abdul Hajis has created a perfume as her first product line.

Having been fond of sweet scents since her college years, and having been inspired by a Malaysian brand, Nurin produced JALIN: Touch of Asmara, which took her six months of personal research to attain the scent she required. Getting quality ingredients as well as producing the perfume oil was challenging and hard work, she said, along with designing and sourcing packaging.

ABOVE & BELOW: Hajah Nur Hidayah Nasuha, Siti Nurin Jazlina, Md Nur Azzizul Afeeuddin and Muhd Nuur Siraaj showcasing their works at the VIBE Exhibition. PHOTOS: LYNA MOHAMAD

She hoped to gain confidence throughout the exhibition and eventually have her own brand on shelves.

Meanwhile, Md Nur Azzizul Affeeuddin bin Md Sambri wanted to design and make his own streetwear, something he has been interested in since he was a child.

Streetwear fashion is a style of casual clothing which became global in the 1990s and commonly centres on casual, comfortable wear such as jeans, T-shirts, caps, bags, sneakers and more. His interests were more on T-shirt designs.

He spent four months on the project, from designing and choosing the right material as well as feedback from friends, families and lecturers at KIGS. He hoped to start his own business based on streetwear fashion and to pick up a circle of customers through the exhibition.

Muhd Nuur Siraaj bin Haji Muhd Rosanan also shares an interest in streetwear fashion and wanted to design a product line for gamers.

“Here, the gaming community is getting more active. Local e-sports organisations have been holding activities. I decided to venture into this area and design apparel gamers can wear to be proud of their identity.”

At the exhibition, he had his designs printed on a number of T-shirts, alongside facemasks and stickers.

Siraaj chose a mix of cotton and polyester as his T-shirt material for comfort. To make his product more presentable, he initially wanted custom packaging, but was unable to find a service. Some overseas options require a minimum order of 500 pieces, beyond his student’s budget.

Undeterred, he simply made his own with an empty box and spraying on the design.

A gamer himself, Siraaj produces his SRJ clothing line with a lot of online research, trials on mock T-shirts and listening to opinions.

“I want to offer quality yet affordable products to gamers. I know how it feels when you want to buy something but without the means.

“I have also had visitors dropping by my booth and some bought my products, and some voiced out their interests to invest.”

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