Arrests ordered in Philippines vaping ban

MANILA (AFP) – Just hours after Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte announced he would ban e-cigarette use, police were ordered yesterday to begin arresting people caught vaping in public and to confiscate the devices.

The abrupt prohibition, revealed by Duterte late on Tuesday, added to a growing global backlash against a product once promoted as less harmful than smoking. Duterte called the devices “toxic” and said vaping introduced “chemicals” into the user’s body. He then threatened to arrest anyone vaping publicly in a country that already has some of Asia’s toughest anti-smoking rules.

The President also targetted tobacco with a wide-ranging ban on smoking in public.

Citing “the order of the president”, the Head of the Philippine police ordered “effective today, all police units nationwide to enforce the ban on use of vapes; ensure that all violators will be arrested”, according to a statement.

Duterte’s order came days after Philippine health authorities reported the nation’s first vaping-related lung injury, which resulted in a 16-year-old girl being hospitalized.