Are all tyre brands vetted and approved by authorities?

I HAD to buy new tyres recently and it is not a small purchase.

Being one of the most important parts of a car, I surveyed first before buying.

To my surprise it is now cheaper to buy new tyres than few years ago.

The numerous tyre shops are giving us (customers) many choices.

I had difficulty choosing the right brand for my car as there are now many brands available.

Are all of these cheap new brands road worthy (safe) following international standards? Are the brands coming into Brunei vetted and approved by the authorities? And if so, was the process done in due diligence?

On the other hand, it is good news for Bruneians as the country has one of the highest records for car owners thus the need to purchase new tyres annually.

But what happens if an accident happens and it was found out that the tyre was at fault despite the driver had done all preventive tyre maintenance?

As far as I am aware other countries have their own national institute of quality research and development.

Products sold in those country are randomly checked and tested. A certification with validity is issued to show that the products are safe to be used.

Perhaps the authority can shed some light.

– The Driver, BSB