AQRF helps promote gainful employment across ASEAN

|     Ishan Ibrahim     |

SENIOR officer from the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) Dr Hazman Shah Abdullah, who took part in the recent ASEAN Qualifications Reference Framework (AQRF) meeting at the Radisson Hotel, said participation from ASEAN member states (AMS) should focus more on the referencing reports they prepared, along with the additional steps to be taken for further improvement.

“The AQRF are efforts that can facilitate the mobility of workers and learners, as well as lifelong learning in contributing to ASEAN community building,” he told the Bulletin.

“Essentially, it is a common regional reference framework that enables the comparison of education qualifications across ASEAN member states, covering all education and training sectors.

“The other participants can help improve on reports from any member states for the purpose of referencing.

“This exercise is important because through the AQRF, we can better understand the qualifications system of each member country. Consequently, this will generate an efficient mobility of students, teachers and staff; and potentially in the near future, a better movement across the region in terms of talent that will be excellent for the region in general.

“Qualifications are important components of higher education. The AQRF helps us to understand each other’s qualifications better, and will help us to move closer to achieve excellence and develop further in higher education,” he added.

The AQRF also aims to create a strategic mechanism to complement the existing region-wide efforts to promote and facilitate the mobility of workers and learners, improve the quality of education and training, enhance mechanism to validate non-formal and informal learning to support lifelong learning, and create more equitable opportunities for gainful employment within ASEAN.

Discussions were also facilitated around the advancement of the AQRF process, including actions to socialise it in relevant national and regional events.

Malaysian delegation led by Dr Hazman Shah Abdullah. – ISHAN IBRAHIM