April orientation for new Kemuda Institute students

KEMUDA Institute (KI) held an orientation for the new April intake at its Bandar Seri Begawan (BSB) campus led by the BSB campus Student Council on April 8.

The new students registered their names in the given attendance list then the ExCo Religious Affairs of BSB, Md Amirul Zaqwan bin Haji Ali Yusof recited the opening prayers and both the new students and the attendees sang the national anthem afterwards. Opening speech by the Principal of Kemuda Institute, Md Khairy Yusrin bin Haji Salam to welcomed the new students hopes that they will have a pleasant and educative time studying in Kemuda Institute.

Lecturers and staff also gave a short and informative briefing for the new students to guide them and help them learn more about the activities around the campus environment followed by another briefing about the rules and regulations of the institute.

Ice-breaking sessions with students were also handled by the Student Council President from BSB campus, Awangku Md Amirul Afiq bin Pengiran Kamarulzaman. Several activities were prepared for the new students to get along with the twist of assigning the students into separate groups, the objective of the activities is to teach them the meaning of teamwork and at the same time, acquaint themselves with each other.

The morning session ended with closing prayers lead by the ExCo Religious Affairs of KB, Farid Asraaf. Last but not least, an institution tour was conducted and lead by the Student Council from BSB campus and a group photo session with all the lecturers, staff, student councils, and the new students.

The afternoon session continued after the students were assigned to their groups. They were divided into three groups named Saturn, Neptune and Earth. The students really had fun and enjoyed playing all the games and activities provided. Prizes were handed to all the participants of the games and with that the event came to an end. We hope, in the future, more people will be interested to enrol in KI. – Noris Syafiqah binti Ismail

Participants during an activity