Appointment via BruHealth app expands

Izah Azahari

The Ministry of Health (MoH) yesterday announced the expansion of the Online Visit Appointment, which allows members of the public to book outpatient appointments at health centres or clinics nationwide through the BruHealth app.

Among the new features of the BruHealth app is the Online Appointment Slots Booking, open seven days prior to an appointment and no less than 24 hours before.

For instance, a doctor’s appointment slot at 10.30am on February 2 must be booked no later than 10.29am on February 1.

Payment for online bookings can be made through the BruHealth app, no later than three hours prior to the appointment. The terms and conditions for the Online Visit Appointment can be obtained within the BruHealth app.

The MoH also stated that these online services do not include clinics for mother and child, eye and dental care, flu and blood collection.

At the same time, the MoH is experimenting with doctor’s appointments via video call. This service is limited to a selected few clinical consultations and will be expanded in the future.

For enquiries, contact the Health Advice Line at 2381380 and 2381383 during office hours, or the Darussalam line at 123 after office hours.