Anti-crime patrol held in Kg Tamoi

|     Sahama     |

THE Kampong Tamoi Neighbourhood Watch (PPK) in cooperation with Kampong Ayer Police Station recently conducted an anti-crime patrol at Kampong Tamoi, Mukim Tamoi.

The patrol was led by Tarip bin Haji Asgar, Village Head of Kampong Tamoi Tengah and Tamoi Ujong and Inspector Hamdan bin Mantul, Officer-in-Charge of the Kampong Ayer Police Station.

The patrolling members were divided into two groups. The first group patrolled housing areas, jetty and coastal areas. The second group was assigned to patrol the Alangan Besar parking lot, the path leading to the Muslim cemetery and the parking lot behind the KUPU SB building.

No suspicious activities were recorded during the patrol.

Members of the patrol team
The patrol team in action. – PHOTOS: SAHAMA