Anduki casts spotlight on OKU talents

James Kon

Local filmmaker Abdul Zainidi has completed filming the trailer for Anduki, a fairy tale story about two best friends, and hopes to start filming the movie by the year end.

Speaking to the Bulletin, Abdul Zainidi said, “Anduki is basically a story about two persons with different abilities (OKUs) who are best friends. One day, one of them is taken away by a legendary fairy called Anduki, who is known to ‘take’ a child once a year to a fairy tale dream world.”

The main characters are played by hearing-impaired duo Siti Nur Ruzana and Ang Chian Lian.

The teaser, shot at the water village, was completed recently after weeks of filming.

Abdul Zainidi said, “I want this film to be a means to promote and empower our special needs children. I also hope to send out a message that persons with different abilities can also be a part of the art scene here.”

Touching on the challenges of making the teaser, he said, “It is not easy to communicate in and embrace sign language. By having both hearing impaired persons in the film, people will be able to see that they are more ‘visually’ present in our society. It is important to unearth their creative talents especially in film, dance, etc.”

Aside from Anduki, Abdul Zainidi has also finished filming a four-minute short film Deterring Darkness. He hopes to get local cinemas to screen both short films in a special session for persons with different abilities.

Abdul Zainidi with the Anduki actresses. PHOTO: JAMES KON