An excursion into the wild side of Brunei

Lyna Mohammad

With COVID-19 restrictions easing, the Jeep Owners Group Brunei (JOGB) took the opportunity to round up its members for the first time since the onset of the coronavirus outbreak to explore the Green Jewel of Brunei.

Led by Khadijah binti Haji Ismail, the off-road adventure began at Raja Isteri Pengiran Anak Hajah Saleha (RIPAHS) Bridge before the convoy of jeepers set off for Temburong District.

For new member Dr Chua Hock Beng, it was an opportunity to spend time with the group in an excursion that promised fun and excitement.

He said on top of an enjoyable ride through the Sultan Omar ‘Ali Saifuddien Bridge, the convoy was greeted by a meal featuring freshwater prawns and other sumptuous treats and a family of proboscis monkeys before spending quality time with Mother Nature.

The group promenaded at the town of Bangar, stopped once in a while for photo opportunities before heading for Sumbiling Eco Village.

The convoy passes a village en route to Sumbiling Eco Village. PHOTOS: LYNA MOHAMAD
One of the river activities for JOGB members to bond

At the village, JOGB members took the opportunity to sample rambutans and durians and partook in fun river activities before being treated to a traditional Iban dance performance, ‘Ngajat’, during which the Jeepers received a lesson or two by the performers.

The trifecta of great company, delicious food and cultural adventure made the day unforgettable for the jeepers.

“I would recommend this type of adventure to anyone,” Dr Chua said.

Haji Jack chimed in: “For us Jeepers, we’re never alone. This group is about sharing a passion for adventurous trips. We gather and we drive and we explore.”

Shukri bin Haji Rosli, who was on the road trip with his sibling Adilah, shared the sentiment; to him, convoying with other Jeepers was the highlight of the trip.

Meanwhile, Adilah said the Jeepers were friendly and supportive throughout the trip. “We had a great time at Sumbiling Eco Village, where we were treated to a traditional dance performance,” she added.

Jason Chai, Marketing Executive at GHK Motors, said after months of anxieties over the outbreak, it was nice to be able to meet up and do something fun together, adding that “the fact that the roads were muddy made it much more exciting for the Jeepers as it gave them a chance to get their Wranglers down and dirty”.

According to group leader Khadijah, the idea of a Temburong trip was a spontaneous one, which she said was a response to the national announcement of the de-escalation plan recently.

“We had a discussion, during which we also confirmed the number of participants,” she said. “Once we were sure that the size of the convoy fell within the guidelines set by the Ministry of Health (MoH), we were all set for the adventure.”

She also extended her appreciation to GHK Motors, local distributor of Jeep, for sponsoring the much-needed escape from the hustle and bustle of working life.