An act of charity for the community

Izah Azahari

Over 30 residents from RPN Mengkubau participated in a cleaning campaign held by the Mengkubau Volunteer Community at Bukit Riadah in Kampong Panchor on Sunday.

The event was aimed at cleaning and beautifying Bukit Riadah while promoting unity among the residents.

Acting Penghulu of Mukim Mentiri Pengiran Haji Ismail bin Pengiran Haji Ibrahim participated, along with members of the Mukim Mentiri Consultative Council, Al Uswah Group, the Parents Association of National Service Programme (PKBN) Alumni, and local contractor companies.

Bukit Riadah was once the heart of recreational activities for the residents of Kampong Panchor. It had long been abandoned due to the lack of activities in recent times.

The cleaning campaign was hoped to revive the park by attracting the return of visitors.

Two volunteers clearing the drain of leaves. PHOTO: IZAH AZAHARI