Allow legal foreign workers to operate at Tamu Selera

Ever since the letter on ‘Stalls’ closure leaves operators in dire straits’, highlighting Tamu Selera’s mass closure, was published in the Bulletin on October 24, 2020, there have been gradual re-opening of stalls, giving operators greater confident in operating their businesses.

However, there are still stalls that remain closed due to their use of foreign workers. When talking with these operators, I learnt that it is quite a momentous task in finding locals that can perform their tasks properly. Some lamented the lack of commitment among local hires, forcing them to depend on foreign workers to run their operations.

I believe that it is best to relax the restrictions by allowing them to at least employ legal foreign workers. After all, these foreign workers have entered the country legally and contributed to the local development.

Thus, I implore the authorities to allow these MSME operations to resume as they attract visitors, thus enlivening the capital.

Awang McArthur