Allow collection of pensions direct from district offices

A NOTIFICATION letter allegedly from the Belait District office was spread on social media recently.

The letter mentioned that pensioners from certain areas in Kuala Belait were requested to collect their pensions at the Community Development Department, Belait District Office from a particular month.

Even if the letter was not genuine, it highlights a good suggestion.

It would be beneficial if the district offices make this as an option for those who want to collect directly from them.

As someone whose next-of-kin are pensioners, I find having this choice will be very welcomed.

Pensioners collect their pensions from their village heads.

There are times when the village head is unavailable (eg: on leave, out for errands) or when the queue is too long and pensioners will either need to wait in the extremely hot weather or make return trip(s).

Having the option to collect pensions from the district offices will greatly alleviate this inconvenience as there is the advantage knowing that pensions can always certainly be collected during government office hours and with the added comfort of waiting in a cool, air-conditioned area.

As such, I hope the authorities will be able to look into this matter to enable the pensioners to be able to select their most appropriate preferences.

– R M