All filming in Malaysia, even for social media, requires licence: Multimedia Minister

KUALA LUMPUR (BERNAMA) – Film production in Malaysia, whether by mainstream media for traditional broadcasting or personal social media, requires a licence from the government agency regulating the film industry, said Minister for Communications and Multimedia Saifuddin Abdullah.

In replying to a question raised by Kluang Member of Parliament (MP) Wong Shu Qi in the Parliament on yesterday, he said film producers should inform the National Film Development Corporation (FINAS) no later than seven days prior to filming via submission of forms.

“No one can participate in any film production, distribution or broadcast activities or any combination of these activities unless a licence is issued authorising the person to do so,” Saifuddin quoted the National Film Development Corporation Act.

He explained that the agency issues three licences for each of the above activities.

“Film producers are required to apply for a Film Production Licence and a Film Shooting Certificate, whether they are mainstream media agencies or personal media showing the film on social media platform or traditional channels,” he said.

Wong then queried the minister on the exact definition of film, asking if this would affect social media users on platforms such as Instagram or TikTok.

Saifuddin replied by quoting legislation that defined film as recordings on any material, including features and short films, short subject films, documentaries, trailers, and short films for advertisement, for viewing by members of the public.

“The government encourages everyone, young or old, individuals or organisations to produce any form of films, as I mentioned just now, as long as it follows the law,” Saifuddin said, adding that the government had offered various grants from different agencies for the purpose.