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Aliff Aziz shares heartfelt birthday message for son

(ANN/THE STAR) – On Monday recently divorced Singaporean actor-singer Aliff Aziz took to Instagram to celebrate his son Ayden Adrean’s seventh birthday, sharing a deeply heartfelt message.

Although Aliff couldn’t be with Ayden in person, he used the platform to express his love, best wishes, and the pain of being apart on such a special occasion.

In his emotional post, Aliff conveyed his longing and love for Ayden, saying, “Daddy misses you and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. I’m sorry Daddy couldn’t be there for you on your special day, but my prayers (doa) will always be with you wherever you go. May you continue to grow into a smart and handsome young man.”

His message was accompanied by three cherished photos of them together, reflecting the close bond they share.

Aliff also mentioned that he and his family in Singapore had sent gifts to Ayden, hoping to bridge the physical distance with their love and care.

In the same post, he expressed his eagerness to reunite with his children, who are currently living with his ex-wife, actress Bella Astillah.

“Daddy loves you… May I see you and Adik again soon,” he added, referring to his daughter, Ara Adreana, who is four years old.

The couple’s marriage officially ended on June 13 after eight years. Following the divorce, Bella was granted custody of their children.

Despite the separation, Aliff agreed to Bella having custody without any claims for mutaah or shared property.

Aliff Aziz wishes his son Ayden Adrean happy birthday on Instagram. PHOTO: INSTAGRAM/ALIFF AZIZ