Aiming to make Al-Quran translations available to all

Wani Roslan

For Siti Juliawati binti Johari (Julia), reciting Al-Quran with its translation daily gave her the idea to record the translations onto compact discs (CDs).

In an interview with the Bulletin, Julia shared how she started her business, Lia Khalifa Studio, in October 2019 with the assistance of her two sons, Mohd Aniq bin Haji Aziz and Mohd Aniq Izzan bin Haji Aziz.

Julia said her studio focusses on recording the translations of Al-Quran, Nasyid songs and Zikir. The recording is done using her own voice which she named as ‘Aura by Julia’.

“The translations are based on Mushaf Brunei Darussalam dan Tafsirannya issued by the Islamic Dakwah Centre (PDI). “I have produced over 50 CDs for which I have recorded the translation of Surah-Surah Lazim in Malay Language,” she said. “I am planning to find a local Qari for recordings in the future.” Aiming to support and uphold the country’s aspiration to be a Zikir Nation, she wants the public to be able to understand verses of Al-Quran.

“Even though we recite Al-Quran, most of the time we do not have time to read the translation, the lessons, and the messages that the Surah conveys. That is my main reason to do the recordings.”

During the editing process

Julia’s studio has published several Malay translations of Al-Quran’s verses. She is grateful that the PDI approved the recordings.

“For the time being, I sell my CDs to a bookstore in Brunei, and donated to several Muslimah groups. Some schools also requested for the translation of the verses that they choose,” she said.

She said it was a challenge getting a proper studio and is thankful that her sons knew how to do the recordings and edit them with the correct equipment.

“We do recordings only on Fridays, as my eldest son is working, and the other is still studying.

“It usually takes hours to record. Once the recordings continued even after midnight,” she said.

Julia shared that her studio also focusses on other Surah such as Surah Al-Baqarah and Surah Yaasiin. “Of course, the longer the Surah, the longer it will take to complete the recording. I have to take care of my voice as well.”

She hopes that she can help the community to further strengthen their understanding of Al-Quran, and wishes the younger generation follows her steps in upholding the country towards a Zikir Nation.

“To make our dream come true, we must put an effort and not give up even though we do not have any experience. We can still learn,” she said.