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AI powering huge changes in logistics

THE CHINA DAILY/ANN – Dorabot has seen a growing demand for its robotic solutions during the COVID-19 pandemic.

At a logistics service centre in Seoul, an industrial robotics arm is leveraging artificial intelligence to quickly sort documents and small parcels into separate delivery bins. It is capable of sorting over 1,000 small parcels per hour, increasing efficiency by 41 per cent.

The robotic arm flyer sorter was developed by Dorabot Inc, an international AI-powered robotic solutions provider for logistics, express delivery, smart manufacturing, retailing and other industries. Deployed at the Gangbuk Service Centre of international service provider DHL Express, the robot now processes the largest number of small parcels within the company’s network in South Korea after officially starting operations on July 20.

While minimising human interaction, which is crucial these days for employee safety during the COVID-19 pandemic, the robotic flyer sorter is also expected to sort packages into corresponding destinations with over 99 per cent accuracy, Dorabot said.

DHL Express Korea said it is handling record high shipment volume due to the current e-commerce boom, and robotics will ease its staff’s work burden as well as improve productivity.

DHL deployed its first AI-powered robotics arm for sortation at one of its service centres based in Miami, Florida, in June 2020, where courier pickup and delivery stops increased by about 30 per cent from the figure before COVID-19 due to pandemic-related express delivery growth.

After the Dorabot machine was put in as part of a pilot project, the Miami facility was able to sort 35 per cent more packages per hour.

An employee at Dorabot adjusting a custom end effector developed by the company in Atlanta. PHOTO: THE CHINA DAILY/ANN
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