Ahmad Taufiq bags Champion Cup title in Singapore

|    Fadhil Yunus    |

BRUNEI Darussalam’s cueist Ahmad Taufiq bin Murni emerged champion of the On1 10-Ball The Champion Cup Tournament after he defeated England’s John Dangerfield 9-6 in the final at the On1 Sports Bistro in Turf Club Road, Singapore recently.

The national cueist overcame a 5-1 deficit to level the match before the Englishman ended a run of four consecutive frames in favour of Ahmad Taufiq and took a slight lead.

However, Ahmad Taufiq rediscovered the momentum that rallied him into contention and closed out the match with victory to add a regional title to his collection.

Dangerfield seemed to be in command after taking a 5-1 lead but a scratch on the second ball allowed Ahmad Taufiq a route back into the game.

Ahmad Taufiq potted a shot of high complexity after slicing the one-ball into the corner pocket. With the cue ball situated close to the cushion, there was no room for error but the Bruneian cueist executed his jump shot to perfection as the second ball dropped into the pocket.

The country’s high-profiled cueist showed accuracy in his game after successfully converting the next shot, with the cue ball subsequently separating three coloured balls which seemed to be close to each other.

Ahmad Taufiq poses with the Champion Cup trophy. – ON1 BISTRO

Dangerfield had the chance to pull even further at 5-3 but he made an unforced error on the four-ball, allowing Ahmad Taufiq a clear runout on the table.

Ahmad Taufiq created a clever safety shot to trouble Dangerfield and his approach worked as the table opened up nicely for him. He held his composure and levelled the match, wiping out a four-frame lead.

As Dangerfield regained the lead at 6-5, Ahmad Taufiq would take the next four games and hardly made a foot wrong on his visits to the table.

Dangerfield’s unsuccessful break coupled with a perfect placement for the one-ball for Ahmad Taufiq represented the final hurdle for victory. The Bruneian navigated his way around the table and there was no way back for his opponent.

En route to the final, Ahmad Taufiq defeated Singapore’s Sharik 9-5 in the semi-finals and another local cueist Desmond Goh 9-8 in the last eight.

With the championship title, the Brunei cueist demonstrated that he was able to compete in a field that comprised elite and Class 1 players, that included players from Singapore, Malaysia, China, Japan and England.