Agri workshop discusses new ways to increase efficiency

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A TWO-DAY agriculture workshop entitled ‘Generating the Economy through Agriculture’ began yesterday at the Brunei Council on Social Welfare (MKM) Office in Kampong Sungai Hanching, Jalan Muara.

Participating in the workshop are 30 people comprising MKM clients as well as seven partners from the Reintegration Division of the Prisons Department.

Organised by the MKM, the workshop will teach the participants how to increase their crop yield through the use of the latest farming methods.

Present at the workshop was Vice President 1 of the MKM, Hajah Juhana binti Haji Mohd Jaya.

In her welcoming speech, Hajah Juhana highlighted that the main role of the MKM is to render aid to the community where needed, including holding basic knowledge enhancement courses in fields such as agriculture.

A section of attendees. – PHOTOS: IZAH AZAHARI
Vice President 1 of MKM Hajah Juhana binti Haji Mohd Jaya delivers her welcoming speech
Assistant Officer from the Department of Agriculture Haji Sahrani bin Haji Mislee
Special Duties Officer from the Department of Agriculture Norazeen binti Matzin @ Puasa

“I am certain and hopeful that through the course, the participants will acquire important basic knowledge on the topic.

“This will help the participants to start and run their own small-scale agricultural business, thus adding to their family’s income.

“We are confident the programme will have a warm response, and we will hopefully improve on it in the future,” Hajah Juhana added.

The workshop is being facilitated by two officers from the Department of Agriculture and Agrifood, Assistant Officer Haji Sahrani bin Haji Mislee, and Special Duties Officer Norazeen binti Matzin@Puasa, who also delivered a motivational talk and carried out a planting activity yesterday, during which the workshop participants were taught how to make plant racks and plant a number of selected crops.