Adopting healthy living, environment

Energize Fitness Studios, one of the Happy Environment And Lifestyle (HEAL) Physical Activity ambassadors, organised a ‘Healthy Lifestyle, Healthy Environment’ event to encourage regular physical activity among people from all ages, genders and physical abilities at Pengkalan Batu Health Centre yesterday.

The event addressed the concept of environment in both physical and social contexts. Energize Fitness Studios held a series of group fitness sessions throughout the morning to extol the benefits obtained from its available programmes, aimed at improving cardiovascular health, strengthening muscles, alleviating mood and reducing stress.

With their tagline ‘Exercise Responsibly’, the sessions reinforced the idea that individuals can obtain guidance from instructors and coaches but still need to be responsible for themselves by exercising within their limits and keeping themselves well-hydrated, while also being responsible for the environment.

With the rise of locals participating in healthy activities in gyms, studios and the outdoors, several observations and reports noted that there have been indiscriminate littering. ‘Exercise Responsibly’ hopes to educate the public on the use of reusable water bottles as an environmental option and encouraging the segregation of waste such as plastic bottles and aluminum cans. To reduce waste, water dispensers will be readily available at the venue for participants and committee members to refill their water bottles.

The organiser, Energize Fitness Studios, found it fitting as their activity is in line with Earth Day 2021 themed ‘Restore Our Earth’.

“We want to encourage the ideology that you can still be mindful of the environment while doing physical exercise,” a representative said. “By exemplifying good conduct through this event, it will encourage being good and responsible citizens.”

Sharing the venue at the Pengkalan Batu Health Centre is another HEAL Physical Activity Ambassador, Mahkota Designs.

Their ‘Make a Change’ programme, which targets the socio-economic aspects of physical activities, hosted entrepreneurs involved in promoting healthy habits. They also collaborated with Renegade Martial Arts Academy to organise a special women’s self-defence session to empower women in the community.

The HEAL programme is one of two major partnership projects between the Health Promotion Centre of the Ministry of Health and Gleneagles JPMC Sdn Bhd which began in 2019.

Participants take part in a session during the event. PHOTO: HEAL