Adequate supply of petrol, diesel in Sabah

PENAMPANG (Bernama) – The Sabah branch of Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs (KPDNHEP) has assured the supply of petrol and diesel in the state will be sufficient and advised consumers against panic buying.

Its Director Georgie Abas said based on visits and inspections carried out by the enforcement authorities at every petrol station across the state, there was adequate supply of petrol and diesel.

“We have carried out inspections at all petrol stations following the rumours that supply might dry up by the New Year.

“From December 27 to 30, we have carried out 243 inspections at 208 stations and based on that, there is adequate supply of petrol and diesel in Sabah,” he told reporters after visiting several petrol stations yesterday.

Meanwhile, Georgie also said that petrol station operators in Sabah were expected to comply with the instructions issued by KPNDHEP including not arbitrarily closing oil pumps at their stations if they were not faulty.

“Although they only close down a pump, without the permission of KPDNHEP, it is an offence and we can take action… If the pump is faulty then the station operator should notify us, as well as in the event of inadequate supply of petrol and diesel,” he said.

Members of the public were also urged to report to the KPDNHEP if they found any petrol stations violating the instructions and regulations issued, he said.