Address complaints through proper channel, MoE tells public

James Kon

The Ministry of Education (MoE) yesterday in a statement on its website urged the public to make inquiries and complaints through the proper procedure, after an audio recording between a mother and teacher went viral on social media.

In the audio recording, the parent expresses dissatisfaction over the teacher’s alleged unacceptable conduct in class. The MoE is investigating the incident.

Inquiries and complaints regarding the education service or teachers can be brought to the attention of school leader or the MoE.

The MoE also has online platforms (website and social media accounts) for the public to raise concerns.

These issues will be addressed within an appropriate time frame, depending on the gravity of the matter.

The safety and security of the school community and the MoE are protected by law. The authorities will take action

against any threat, violence, discrimination, verbal abuse or obstruction of any public servant in the discharge of his/her public duties.

The MoE called for public cooperation in maintaining the well being and good name of the school community, and all parties concerned.