Additional text reminders for clinic appointments

WE ALL appreciate the Government of Brunei Darussalam for providing welfare to the people including free medications and good medical professionals.

However, I would like to voice out my dissatisfaction regarding the female clinic in Sungai Hanching.

In February, I received a notification reminding me to go for a breast cancer checkup after three years.

I went there and waited patiently for a few hours for my turn. However, during my turn the receptionist told me that I would be notified for my appointment through the system.

After a week of no notifications, I went back to the clinic and was told that they had sent me a notification and I had missed the appointment.

I am sure that I did not receive any notifications at all.

In August, I had another appointment and realised that I had missed it by two days.

I went to the clinic to explain and reschedule the appointment.

I was made to wait 30 minutes while the receptionist and her colleague were busy talking in the office before being told that the appointment would be notified by text.

So far, the staff has been polite and I am not complaining about them.

I am just wondering whether this particular department’s way of making the patient come back to the clinic again and again, only to be told that the notifications will be texted, is part of the procedure?

Perhaps the authorities can implement another text reminder on the day or day before the appointments on top of those texted earlier to avoid any miscommunications?

– Thankful for Welfare