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Adding ‘underrated’ black shoe to your collection

ANN/THE DAILY STAR – Little black dress or LBD is a reliable outfit that works each time.

Another reliable and unsung hero of your wardrobe is – the black shoe.

Shoes can reflect on the individual style and fashion. The classic appeal for black shoe is undeniable.

The black shoe is known for its versatility and can complement almost any outfit, its neutral tone seamlessly blend with virtually any colour palette.

Different from the more vibrant options, black shoes act as grounding elements, letting other colours in the outfit take centre stage. Adding noir to your shoe collection largely minimises the need for new purchases because a ready option is almost always available.

Black shoes transcend seasons, working equally well with summer, fall, and winter trends.

Be it a peep-toe in sunny weather or pumps, loafers or boots in December, sable toned shoes are timelessly elegant options that both men and women can reach for, without hesitation or much deliberation.


The loyal black shoe takes on a different sheen on formal outfits and office wear. Coming in a variety of styles such as loafers, oxfords, to heels and boots, black is an inclusive colour that caters to a large number of tastes, conservative or flamboyant.

Educator Amna Aslam said, “Black shoes are a statement piece in any person’s wardrobe, regardless of their gender.

In today’s day and age, every person should own a comfortable pair of black shoes that can carry them through the day in a stylish way.

Not only is the black shoe an indispensable part of the everyday life of a regular office-goer or university student, it is also the go-to option for stage performers.

Think of the famous black loafers Michael Jackson moonwalked in. Or Elvis Presley’s iconic black boots. Or even rock ‘n roll queen Tina Turner’s daring, black peep-toe heels. The examples are endless.

This article is by no means the first one to talk about the importance of timeless, classic fashion, and neither will it be the last.

However understated the accessory may be, it is time to acknowledge the contributions of sable-toned footwear in the world of fashion.

As any fashion expert or enthusiast will tell you, it’s time for the LBD to move over, and make space for the penultimate underrated knight of fashion – the black shoe.

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