Added testing for transport operators, essential travellers

James Kon

The mandatory Antigen Rapid Testing (ART) programme for transport operators and other essential travellers at all land borders in Brunei Darussalam commenced on July 26, said the Ministry of Health (MoH) yesterday.

ART is a COVID-19 test administered to individuals, to screen for the presence of SARS-CoV-2, which is mandatory for all transport operators and other essential travellers who must show a negative COVID-19 test prior to entry in Brunei Darussalam.

MoH staff have been stationed at all control posts to facilitate the operation of the ART programme. The COVID-19 results are available within 10 minutes, and a negative result is only valid for the day of entry.

Re-testing is required for entry into the country in the following days. By implementing ART, the MoH aims to prevent the importation and subsequent transmission of the COVID-19 infection in Brunei Darussalam.

All individuals who meet the criteria for entry into Brunei Darussalam must undergo ART, regardless of vaccination status.

Transport operators from Brunei Darussalam with a positive ART result will immediately be isolated for further examination.

Meanwhile, transport operators and other essential travellers from abroad will be denied entry if they have a positive ART result on the day of entry.

In addition to ART, RT-PCR tests for all transport operators, whether from Brunei Darussalam or Malaysia, will still be required, according to the established schedules.

For information and latest developments, visit the MoH website at or call the Health Advice Line 148 during office hours.