Accessibility of public transport

I’m a major proponent of using public transport. The world is facing the threats of climate change, and as a citizen of the world, we have the duty of reducing carbon footprint wherever possible.

But it is easier said than done.

Take our bus stops for an example. There are countless bus stops that are constructed without passengers in mind; most have no shelters for rain or sun.

Then there is a lack of proper bus schedules and routes. In countries where public transport is more commonly used, there’s a more comprehensive plan to ensure a wider coverage.

Another issue with public transport is the negative connotation associated to its use. I believe it is in our culture to jump to conclusions regarding each other. When someone announces the plan to take the bus, it is often followed by a response, such as “it’s for foreign workers” or “it’s dirty and low-class”.

However, it is a chicken-or-egg dilemma. Is the lack of public transport use among locals a result of the stigma attached to it? Or is the stereotype of the passengers rooted in the reluctance to use it in the first place?

Until these issues are resolved, I don’t think we’ll see a surge in public transport use.

Local Environmentalist