Thursday, July 18, 2024
28 C
Brunei Town

Access to free ART test kits for COVID patients

I am writing to share my recent experience as a COVID-19 patient and to express a concern that I believe is shared by many in our community.

I was recently tested positive for COVID-19, and I found it incredibly frustrating to discover that most stores had run out of ART test kits. The few that were still available cost nearly BND3 each, which, as an average-income earner, is quite a strain on my budget.

In an attempt to get some assistance, I called the BruHealth helpline at 148 to inquire if there were still free ART test kits available for COVID patients. To my disappointment, I was informed that the Ministry of Health has ceased distributing these free kits.

Given that COVID-19 is a persistent and ongoing issue, I believe it would be both useful and beneficial if free ART test kits were still made available to those in need.

One solution could be to offer these kits for pick-up at the nearest clinic, ensuring that everyone who needs them has access.

Providing continued access to free ART test kits would greatly support individuals who are struggling with the costs of managing their health during this challenging time. It would also align with our collective efforts to manage and contain the virus effectively.

I hope that my concern will encourage a reevaluation of the current policy and lead to more accessible resources for all COVID-19 patients.