Abandoned vehicles a hazard in housing areas

THE government should be applauded for its initiative to remove/incinerate abandoned vehicles in the nation.

However, I believe the initiative should cover more in housing areas (RPN and STKRJ).

This letter aims to enlighten the situation to the authorities who can take the right action towards the issue.

Firstly, forgive my ignorance on the matter of housing regulations but I believe there are rules in-placed with regards to parking spaces per household, and where to park.

If this statement is wrong, can the authorities clarify?

It is known that terrace housing has limited parking space and for that reason, cars are parked along the road.

Even though this action is understandable, it is important to highlight that it causes hazards for other residents.

Personal experience has it, accident happened due to view-obstruction going in and out of the village’s junction.

When complaint was said to the enforced member, no apparent action was taken.

Which leads to another matter; these vehicles cause suspicions, as the ones parked along the road do not usually have registered plates, and very much in a bad condition.

Some irresponsible owners discard what is left of the car or, to be exact; the upside down frame of the car in the middle of the sidewalk.

Most cars are in a ruined condition and become breeding space for stray animals and pests.

What person would want to keep these ruined cars knowing that they don’t have the means to do so?

But since acquiring them is not a problem then, at least find other space that could contain these vehicles properly.

I grew up in two different housing areas (Lambak Kanan and STKRJ Bukit Sibanging) and I see similar issues in both places.

I urge the authorities to look into this matter seriously.

If the unpleasant aesthetic reasoning is not enough to take action then perhaps consider the impacts of such irresponsible behaviours and untidiness, towards the social and economic security of other residents.

– Pearl of Brunei