A test of emergency preparedness

James Kon

An emergency drill was held at Shahryza Petrol Station in Bunut recently.

The exercise involved first responders, such as personnel from the Traffic Control and Investigation Department of the Royal Brunei Police Force, the Fire and Rescue Department and Emergency Medical Ambulance Services (EMAS).

Officials from the Ministry of Energy, Brunei Shell Marketing Company Sdn Bhd (BSM) and representatives from other petrol station were present to observe the drill.

Shahryza Petrol Station manager Hana Rizal Haji Abdullah and BSM Head of Retail Haji Suffian bin Haji Daud also attended.

The exercise was aimed at testing the station’s preparedness in handling an emergency and to ensure an effective procedure in systematic evacuation.

Haji Suffian said, “This is the first emergency drill for the petrol station this year. The scenarios are based on real incidents including having the nozzle pulled out and a vehicle fire.

“We will also distribute posters to raise awareness on preventive measures for vehicle fires.”

First responders attending to an ‘injured’ staff member
FRD personnel during the exercise. PHOTO: JAMES KON