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A stage star’s musical milestones

From local competitions to international acclaim, Rizal Rasid shines as Brunei’s luminary on the global music scene

Stepping onto the international stage, a performer is not just an artiste; they are an ambassador of their nation’s culture, spirit and talent. For singers and performers, the pride that swells within as they represent their homeland is unparalleled.

It’s more than the thrill of the spotlight; it’s the honour of showcasing the unique sounds, stories and heritage of their country to the world.

Every note sung, every move danced and every word spoken is a tribute to the vibrant essence of their origin, making each performance a heartfelt tribute to the place they call home.


Local artiste Rizal Rasid has once again brought immense pride to Brunei Darussalam by representing the Sultanate at the prestigious ASEAN-Korea Music Festival 2024 (Round Festival).

According to the ASEAN-Korea Music Committee (AKMC) member for Brunei Darussalam, Pengiran Mohammed Yusri bin Pengiran Haji Yahya, Rizal shone as Brunei’s luminary during the festival held at the KBS Busan Hall in South Korea on July 6.


Rizal’s journey, which began with local singing competitions and participation in exchange programmes under Radio Television Brunei, has now blossomed into an international career. His performance in Busan was not just a showcase of his vocal prowess, but a heartfelt tribute to the culture and spirit of Brunei, encapsulating the pride of his nation on a global stage.

“His talent was discovered by a Malaysian artiste during an exchange programme performance, leading to an offer of a contract with Warner Music in Malaysia,” said Pengiran Mohammed Yusri.

Rizal garnered acclaim in Malaysia with his chart-topping hit Cukup, while also making waves in the Malaysian modelling scene.

“His adeptness in singing, particularly in languages like Korean, has positioned him as the perfect choice to represent Brunei at the Round Festival concert,” Pengiran Mohammed Yusri highlighted.

Meanwhile, speaking to the Bulletin, Rizal Rasid expressed his excitement about representing Brunei Darussalam for the first time at a major international event.

“I feel deeply honoured to perform on such a grand stage. I have given my utmost to be the finest representative for my country, and I hope Bruneians can see that too. It fills me with immense joy and pride to showcase Brunei’s name on the international stage,” he remarked.

Reflecting on his feelings about representing Brunei at the festival, Rizal described it as surreal.

“It feels like a dream come true because I’ve always aspired to perform in South Korea, being an avid fan of its music world. Performing on such a significant stage in South Korea is truly a dream realised,” he shared.

He went on to express his gratitude for the unexpected warmth from Korean fans.

“Their support has been beyond my expectations. Despite the language barrier, they showed immense enthusiasm for my music through cheers and dancing. One of the sweetest moments was when they waited outside the hall to greet me before I left,” he added warmly.

Looking ahead, Rizal revealed his plans for the future, confirming that there will be more new music from him with fresh sounds and concepts.

“I enjoy experimenting with my music, and after my experience in South Korea and the incredible response from fans there, I am considering expanding my presence in South Korea,” he concluded optimistically.

They expressed gratitude to the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports for selecting him to participate in the Round Festival.


“Round” is the official name and brand of the ASEAN-Korea Music Festival project, aimed at fostering cultural exchanges between Korea and ASEAN countries through popular music. Representing ‘equal ASEAN countries and Korea’, Round seeks to unite music lovers through emotions, joy, and shared memories conveyed through music, transcending borders, languages, cultures, and customs.

The AKMC, comprising national committees from each country, strives to cultivate cultural exchange opportunities and establish a robust network both online and offline with ASEAN and Korean music committees.

This initiative aimed to exchange information, enhance partnerships, and support each country’s music industry.

The festival line-up included prominent domestic musicians such as Touched, whose vocalist Yun Min recently achieved nine consecutive wins on King of Mask Singer, the emerging band Nerd Connection, and the iconic return of H1-Key.

Featured artistes from ASEAN nations included Rizal Rasid (Brunei), Chet Kanhchna (Cambodia), Masdo (Malaysia), Bunny Phyoe (Myanmar), Thinlamphone (Lao PDR), Zack Tabudlo (Philippines), Nogei (Indonesia), and Jasmine Sokko (Singapore). The festival also saw a notable collaboration between H1-Key and Josh Cullen from SB19 (Philippines). Vocalists like Kim Yuna from Jaurim, Tien Tien from Vietnam, and Television Off from Thailand have also joined the lineup. – Azlan Othman

Rizal during a performance. PHOTO: RIZAL RASID