A sight to behold

Daniel Lim

If one was to think of a serene area of Belait, Wasai Teraja waterfall might immediately come to mind.

But there are other locations that are worthy for people to drop by and enjoy the view. One is the quaint and calming area of Mukim Bukit Sawat. Here, people can enjoy their time either at Luagan Lalak Recreation Park or the Sungai Mau Recreational Park.

While passing by on the road to Labi, it’s easy to spot the Luagan Lalak Recreation Park as there is a signpost marking the park at a parking lot.

By travelling down the path, one can enjoy a serene landscape of the alluvial freshwater swamp that ebbs and flows with the changing tides, creating an ever changing scenery that can be enjoyed through multiple visits.

Sungai Mau Recreational Park. PHOTOS: DANIEL LIM
Deputy Chairman of the Kampong Bukit Sawat Village Consultative Council Haji Junaidi bin Teradi during the interview

The nearby Sungai Mau Recreational Park, primarily made for the residents for their daily activities, is a location where many festivals are held; including the Tamu Gayoh and the River Festival.

Deputy Chairman of the Kampong Bukit Sawat Village Consultative Council Haji Junaidi bin Teradi explained the name, Tamu Gayoh, is derived from the Dusun language referring to Tamu Pasar. He said the Tamu Gayoh, held every week helps revitalise the economy of the area.

“The residents of the area as well as Bukit Sawat Village Consultative Council (MPK) took the initiative to include more activities in addition to selling locally grown products such as the One Village One Product (1K1P).” He said the Tamu Gayoh held last month has seen involvement from villages from across the nation. With more than 40 stalls set up in the the park, he said that the feedback from visitors has been positive and the support that they have received from the residents and participating vendors has been a boon for Tamu Gayoh.

“We aim to ensure that any large scale activities, mainly seen in the city centre, can also be enjoyed for people in the rural area, which is why the activities held here are to ensure that people in the rural area are not forgotten.”

However, one of the challenges faced in organising such large activities are that they are dependent on the weather.

Haji Junaidi said, “The area of Kampong Sungai Mau is prone to being easily affected by the weather, so the area at Sungai Mau Recreational Park is also used as a focal point for local authorities to aid the affected residents.

“We plan to continue the Tamu Gayoh as we have a number of carnivals planned for the area such as the Kampong Bukit Sawat Carnival as well as a River Festival at the nearby river,” he added.