A show of appreciation for mosque youth

Rokiah Mahmud

Certificates of appreciation were presented to 12 mosque youth members for their contribution and support in activities conducted by Sufri Bolkiah Mosque and Village Consultative Council (MPK) Kampong Jaya Setia recently.

The ceremony was organised by the MPK Jaya Bakti and Burung Pingai Berakas.

Acting Village Head of Kampong Jaya Setia, Kampong Jaya Bakti, and Kampong Burung Pingai Berakas Haji Omar Ali bin Haji Mohd Daud thanked the youth for their involvement during the de-escalation phase of the mosque’s re-opening by assisting frontliners in manning the entry post and conducting health screening on mosque congregants.

The ceremony was held at the residence of and Sufri Bolkiah Mosque and MPK Head of Youth Pengiran Hassanuddin bin Pengiran Haji Damit.

Youth members of Sufri Bolkiah Mosque in a group photo with their certificates. PHOTO: ROKIAH MAHMUD