A scoop of style: Ice cream hues bring summery vibe to décor

Kim Cook

AP – Ice cream has been described as “happiness condensed”, so what better way to boost your mood during this pandemic summer than to bring the hues and patterns of this frozen treat into your living space?

A few well-chosen accessories, a can of paint or a roll of wallpaper in ice-creamy colours might have you dreaming of summer long after the season comes to an end.

Got some favourite flavours? Chances are you’re already inclined to decorate with those tasty hues. Think silky chocolate, creamy vanilla, tangy berry, butter pecan, or more exotic colours like mango, passion fruit, and green tea.

Vice President of Style Alessandra Wood at Modsy likes a scoop of mint chocolate chip.

“Pair a cool, minty wall and darker accents for some sweet, low-key contrast,” she suggested. Clare Paint offers ‘Two Scoops’, a fresh mint green, for instance, while Behr has light, frothy ‘Mint Fizz’.

FROM LEFT: Pottery Barn Teen’s Ice Cream Cone Hamper. Pottery Barn Teen makes tidying up a pleasant job with this 30 inch tall water hyacinth storage hamper shaped like an ice cream cone; and a photo courtesy of Knoll shows a soft rosy-peach tone lounge chair in the Knoll + Muuto Work From Home Collection. This Muuto Doze Lounge Chair has a hip 1970s Scandi vibe. PHOTOS: AP

“Introduce grey-greens and more saturated hues to keep the room from looking like a pastel explosion,” said Wood.

Unless you want it that way. Lovers of strawberry ice cream might be drawn to dark and light pinks and rosy reds, and this can be a fun opportunity to embrace the bold. Wood said you can make these colours feel a bit more grown-up by going for a monochromatic look. Blush walls, perhaps, paired with a soft pink sofa, rug, art and accessories. If you’d like your walls to evoke the flavour, Benjamin Moore has ‘Strawberry-n-Cream’, and Martin Senour Paints has ‘Strawberry Ice Cream’ for you to try.

Is chocolate chip cookie dough your go-to flavour? Opt for a sophisticated, neutral palette of cream, warm browns and black.

“You can find pieces like an inlay console or cowhide rug that incorporate all of these colours,” said Wood. “Or layer them into the space with a creamy neutral base and darker pops in pillows, rugs and art.”

Chocolate fans might even think about using the hue on walls. “Farrow and Ball’s ‘London Clay’ is an earthy, sophisticated brown that doesn’t scream ‘90s McMansion,” Woods said.

Sherwin-Williams’ Colour Marketing Director Sue Wadden likes the idea of pairing several paint colours, playing off the multiple scoop idea. “Just like you’d choose your favourite flavours to make that perfect triple-decker cone or sundae, you can choose a curated selection of pastels to create that delectable feeling in a space,” she said.

Pink and peach colours, like the paint maker’s ‘Cotton Candy’ and ‘Spun Sugar’, complement ‘Oh Pistachio’. “Adding a warmer hue, like Chocolate Powder, helps ground the palette,” Wadden said.

Benjamin-Moore’s ‘Melted Ice Cream’ is a creamy pale pink that would go nicely with Clare’s warm, sugary ‘Turbinado’.

Check out Spoonflower.com for whimsical, artistic renditions of ice cream cones, ice pops, sprinkle toppings and waffle-cone patterns.

If changing up wall colour or wall coverings isn’t doable, there are accessories worth considering. At Society 6, you’ll find ice pops and ice cream cones interpreted by graphic designers, photographers and artists on throw pillows, bedding and bath decor.

Pottery Barn Teen makes tidying up a pleasant job with their 30-inch-tall storage hamper shaped like an ice cream cone.

From the art collective Marmont Hill, Overstock.com has playful renditions of frozen treats in giclee prints by painters Shayna Pitch and Molly Rosner.

Target has Pillowfort’s ice-cream-cone-patterned sheets.

A soft, rosy-peach tone makes Knoll and Muuto Work From Home Collection’s Ambit matte-finished aluminium pendant light a pretty addition to any space, not just a home office. Also in the hue, with a 1970s Scandinavian vibe: the comfy Dose lounge chair, perfect for relaxing with a spoon, a scoop and a bowlful of frozen, flavourful summer.