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A reputation for excellence

Each safe in the collection is crafted by Richman Luxury. Their collection of watch winder safes, watch vaults, and multi-storage winding systems is a secure way to safeguard valuables such as watches, pens, fine jewellery, or other prized possessions and valuables.

Customers can customise the watch vault safe by choosing interior components such as the number of storage drawers, compartment spaces and watch winders. Customers can choose the style of storage drawers such as jewellery, watch, cufflink drawers or valet trays.

Customers can also choose from smaller scale wall units and table top options to individual large scale pieces of armoured storage units.

Richman Luxury’s collection of safes, watch vaults and multi-storage winding systems adhere to high levels of security and craftsmanship.

Options include security systems, bulletproof and fire retardant composed of steel and armour plated with fingerprint and pin-pad locking systems. Other technologies are concealed compartments, two-way security glass, biometric with concealed compartments.

Richman Luxury founder Dr Jin Wu. PHOTO: RICHMAN
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