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A refreshed design with strength and security

Lyna Mohammad

The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross is an all new statement of the automaker Mitsubishi’s compact coupe SUV class, restyled to a sleek and sporty appearance.

While not the latest in the series, its redesign aims at enhancing driving confidence and comfort to make it a more pleasant car to drive that is stable, upscale and unique.

The front end of the Eclipse adopts an evolved version of Mitsubishi’s signature ‘Dynamic Shield’ design concept, expressing strength and security.

The bold look completes the front design of the new front bumper guard and refreshed light layout.

The rear hatch and window has been redesigned to give a more sophisticated SUV styling that is more distinctive and contemporary, as well as improved rear visibility.

The model’s iconic three-dimensional tail-lights extend upwards and inwards, its look further enhanced with a stable and wide presence.

The sharply sculpted hexagon design is a reminiscent of the company’s iconic rear-mounted spare tyre shape featured on the new tailgate blends the sleek and elegant style of the ruggedness and dependability expectations in an SUV.

The cabin features new black high standard grade seats and the door trims coordinate with the car seat colour to feature a high-quality, sporty interior space.

Up front, there is the audio steering control and touchscreen infotainment with CD, USB and Bluetooth compatibility. The large 4.2-inch liquid crystal multi-information display in the centre of the metre panel is easy to read and provides useful information on vehicle status, trip and external temperatures.

The interior has always been exciting and comfortable, and the new changes move it to a more enjoyable and upscaled level.

The redesigning of the Eclipse has also increased luggage room to 448-litres with the rear seat can be folded 60:40.


The restyled Eclipse Cross is powered by a two-litre MIVEC (Mitsubishi Intelligent and Innovative Valve timing and lift electronic control system) direct injection turbocharged petrol engine and operates with INVECS –III CVT Automatic transmission with six-step sport mode.

A brand name electronic automatic transmission by Mitsubishi, INVECS stands for Intelligent and Innovative Vehicle Electronic Control System.

A thoroughly modern design, the MIVEC engine is all-aluminium for light weight, and balances power and efficiency.

Meanwhile, the handling of the new Eclipse is more stable, intuitive and predictable.
With its fine-tuned suspension, responsive steering and supreme body rigidity reinforced by spot welding, structural adhesives and a standard strut tower bar over the engine, the vehicle goes with unerring precision and poise and passengers can enjoy an extremely comfortable ride, regardless of the road conditions.

The SUV has 18-inch wheels and a wheelbase of 2,670mm, and the new facelift can make U-turns to a minimum of 5.3 metres for easy handling on tight turns.

It has also scored five stars in safety rating of the New Car Assessment Programme for Southeast Asian Countries (ASEAN NCAP).

The Eclipse safety features include seven SRS airbags, a reverse camera, immobiliser system to enhance car safety from theft and the standard of anti-lock braking system (ABS) with electronic brake force distribution (EBD).

The seatbelt has been improved with pre-tensioner seat belt with force limiter, which are designed to recoil instantly during frontal collision, therefore limiting injuries to driver and passenger.

It is also built with a RISE (Reinforced Impact Safety Evolution) body to enhance passenger’s protection in the event of a collision.

There is also an emergency stop signal (ESS), which is an alert given to rear vehicles when a sudden brake is applied to avoid rear end collision.

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