A new generation SUV with personality

Aziz Idris

The SUV trend has swept the world to account for almost one-quarter of global vehicle sales today.

SUVs meet universal expectations in a strong way, suggesting freedom and reassurance and relying on evocating and clearly defined markers, such as large wheels, muscled and protective design and this king-of the road feeling.

Citroën gets into this trend to bring harmony of growth in the local market with the introduction of the new-generation SUV: C5 Aircross.

Exclusively distributed by Grand Motors Sdn Bhd, this SUV marks a new stage in the deployment of the Brand’s product strategy. Citroën is paving the way for a new generation of SUVs with more personality and ease of use for all passengers while maintaining all the conventional cues.

It does this by mixing an asserted design on interior space which focusses on the well-being of each passenger: a ‘People Minded SUV’, human-oriented.

With its flowing and muscled bodylines, the C5 Aircross imposes its natural difference: a unique stance, conveying energy and self-confidence.

C5 Aircross is a major milestone in the Citroën Advanced Comfort® programme with the World Premiere of the Progressive Hydraulic Cushions® suspension, delivering a unique smooth comfort of suspension that is typically Citroën.

The interior of the C5 Aircross

Boasting a strong personality, the C5 Aircross SUV stands apart through its singular, energetic and assertive attitude. Measuring 4.50m long, robust and muscular, powerful but free of arrogance, the new model stands out in the SUV segment with its flowing shapes punctuated with strong graphic touches such as the Airbump®, large 720mm-diameter wheels, ground clearance of 230mm and distinctive roof bars.

The cabin instantly gives an impression of protection and spaciousness, with an emphatically horizontal dashboard and enveloping seats, a height position that gives the feeling of dominating the road, as well as a wide central console and warm materials.

Like the latest Citroën models, C5 Aircross has a broad range of customisation features. Some 30 combinations are available outside, with seven body colours, a black two-tone roof offering and three colour packs comprising coloured inserts on the front bumper, the Airbump® on the lower part of the front doors, and the roof bars.

It also comes with five interior ambiances, whose matching colours and materials afford clarity and warmth in a trendy and premium ‘casual chic’ style.

All customisations are based on availability, contact the dealership prior to bookings.

An ambassador of the Citroën Advanced Comfort® programme, the C5 Aircross SUV also stands out through its comfort and approach to interior space. It innovates with its typically Citroën overall comfort and two major innovations: Citroën’s suspension with Progressive Hydraulic Cushions® and Advanced Comfort seats with their unrivalled ability to filter out road disturbances and offer matchless ride comfort, the result being an outstanding travelling experience for all passengers.

The C5 Aircross SUV delivers unique modularity in the segment deriving from Citroën’s singular know-how in the world of MPVS, with three individual, sliding, folding and reclining rear seats and best-in-class boot volume of 580 to 720 litres.

In tune with its times and equipped with a 12.3″ TET digital instrument cluster and 8″ capacitive touchscreen, the C5 Aircross SUV features 20 latest generation driver assistance systems, including Highway Driver Assist, a level-two autonomous driving system, as well as six advanced connectivity technologies.

The new, ultraconnected model is equipped with wireless smartphone charging, or the ConnectedCAM Citroën® and is powered by efficient and high-performance petrol and diesel engines ranging from 130bhp to 180bhp and the six-Speed automatic gearbox.

Agile in the city but also equipped with resolutely all-road attributes for daily adventures, the Citroën C5 Aircross SUV meets the requirements of modern lifestyles.

The people-minded SUV is customisable, focussed on motorists and their new motoring behaviour, and provides them with unprecedented character, comfort and spaciousness.