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A luxury driving experience

Izah Azahari

The all-new Lexus LX600, Lexus’ flagship SUV was unveiled during a media launch at NBT Lexus Brunei Showroom in Gadong yesterday.

Lexus Brunei Senior Sales and Marketing Manager Muhammad Clovien bin Abdullah Timpoh was present.

According to NBT Lexus Brunei, the all-new Lexus LX600 aims to provide an exceptional luxury driving experience to expand diverse lifestyles through combining the Lexus refinement and craftsmanship together with reliability, durability and off-road driving performance.

With the flagship SUV, drivability and ride comfort is achieved based on the concept of “ease and quality on any road in the world”, with proportions in line with Lexus next-generation design language, harmonising functionality and elegance. Lexus enthusiasts can look forward to a new VIP grade which has four independent seats, demonstrating a more personal luxury experience and improved security with Lexus’ first fingerprint-authentication push-button start switch.

The new LX, embodies Lexus’ commitment to meeting the diversifying needs and lifestyles of guests.

Since its establishment in 1989, Lexus has always been committed to the spirit of innovation and has continued to take up the challenge of providing new technologies and value to its guests. Since its launch in 1996, the LX has been well received as Lexus flagship SUV due to its high-quality, ride comfort, and driving performance that can withstand all kinds of roads around the world. This has been achieved by refining the founding concepts of the LX: “reliability”, “durability”, and “off-road driving performance”.

The LX has sold a cumulative total of approximately 500,000 units in more than 50 countries and approximately 3,000 units in more than seven countries in Asia as of the end of October 2021.

Lexus Brunei Senior Sales and Marketing Manager Muhd Clovien bin Abdullah Timpoh briefs the media
The all-new Lexus LX600. PHOTOS: BAHYIAH BAKIR

The new LX is designed to provide vehicle occupants with exceptional comfort and enriching their lifestyle. While maintaining a traditional body-on-frame structure to ensure reliability, durability, and driving performance, it renews its characteristics by adopting the new GA-F platform, realising a weight reduction of approximately 200 kilogrammes, and achieving a high-rigidity body developed through the latest digital design methods.

The new LX will be available with a high-output and high-torque 3.5-litre V6 twin-turbo gasoline engine.

Electronically controlled brakes (ECB) and an electric power steering system (EPS) are also adopted to ensure drivers will be able to enjoy Lexus’ unique driving performance to the fullest, both on-road and off-road.

The adoption of the new available powertrains with ECB and EPS, will contribute to improved environmental performance. An annual reduction of approximately 20 per cent of CO2 emissions compared to the previous model is anticipated on a global cumulative basis, contributing towards a carbon-neutral society.

In harsh off-road environments, to promote a safer and a more comfortable driving experience, the instrument panel features Lexus’ first dual display. The display offers a 12.3-inch upper screen and seven-inch lower screen, as well as Back Underfloor View, which displays the area beneath the rear part of the vehicle as a world first. The F SPORT grade is available, allowing drivers to enjoy sporty driving on winding roads.

In terms of styling, while pursuing a design that contributes to athletic performance and function (a design perspective that began with the new NX), ideal proportions are expressed through a blend of sophistication, power, and presence befitting a flagship SUV.

Among other featured technologies, Lexus’ first fingerprint-authentication push-start switch contributes to reducing the risk of theft.

The main features of the flagship SUV include high-quality driving through renewed vehicle fundamentals; on-road driving performance in pursuit of the Lexus Driving Signature; refined off-road driving performance; new grade lineup for meeting the diversifying needs of guests; and enhanced convenience and advanced safety technologies based on a human-centric approach.