A dream comes true, out of nowhere

|     Rajeshwari Venkatesh     |

HAVE you ever wondered what’s it like to experience a wonderful scenery? How about one right in the middle of the ocean?

For me, it was the experience of a lifetime. A magical and stunning moment captured by my own eyes. I could never forget that day filled with beautiful moments.

It all began as we planned our trip to Mauritius, a tiny piece of land nestled in the middle of the Indian Ocean and often portrayed as Paradise Island. It is one of the top tourist destinations with 200 or more tourist spots and of course, the food.

But the main aim was to see a dolphin there as it has been a long-held dream of mine to see one. I couldn’t believe it was finally happening.

We boarded our plane and set off for a long yet fun journey.


When I stepped off the plane into the humid evening air on my first night in Mauritius, I held down my big straw holiday hat and had a Cheshire cat grin. I’m here at last! I wanted to yell excitedly, for a few hours more to come when my dreams will finally become a reality.

The island charmed us with its breezy smell and lush environment that evening.

We checked into our hotel rooms which had a nice view of the beach and got ready to enjoy the rest of the week. “May the adventure begins” as I officially announced it out loud. But before long, I decided to take a nap. The jet lag was starting to kick in.

Finally, the day I have been waiting for had arrived. I don’t know how I managed to wake up because I couldn’t sleep well thanks to the excitement.

I quickly got dressed and was ready to hit the ground. We drove a few kilometres until we reached our destination and got into a boat, ready to sail off into the ocean.

My siblings and I playfully splashed water onto each other and sang during the boat ride. An enormous marlin leapt across our bows and schools of flying fish chased across the waves.

The ocean breeze whispered like a sweetheart, placing kisses on my cheek and tousling my long auburn hair.

We finally reached a place where dolphins can be found. We had to wait until one decides to show up. Fortunately, to my surprise, it was sunset which made the scenery much more magical than I expected it to be.

The glowing sun, a crisp circle in the red-blood sky, illuminated a quivering path across the ocean waters. It bathed the ocean’s waves and wispy clouds.

While waiting for the dolphins, I decided to take pictures of the sunset. Out of nowhere, two dolphins jumped right in front, high above reaching the sky. It was the right shot for my camera.

I screamed in joy as I saw the dolphins. The best moment captured in my entire life.

I feel more nostalgic as I looked back on such beautiful and unexpected moments in my life.

I very much long for my past memories and look forward to whatever adventures the future has in store for me.